A violin presentation?
2002-06-29 09:10:32 ET

Iíve just came back from my violin lessons, too bad I didnít have my pretty goth teacher today, instead I had some other dude teaching me. I was because there were many kids now and they separated into two groups, so the goth teacher took one group and this guy took the other were I was. My fingers hurt a little... I forgot to cut my nails, the goth teacher had told me the other time that it was better to have short nails, at least in the left hand, so I could play better, ...oh naughty me, I forgot to cut my nails, itís just that... I like having long nails... well, not that very long nails, just the length of a having 3 or 2 weeks without cutting them. That might be a little long for men, but for women of course I have seen them with very very long nails compared to me... am I talking about nails? What the fuck? Whatever.

So, guess what?... They told me that tomorrow Iíll have my very first presentation... like a test or debut just to see how the students are going... ęgulp!Ľ Aaah!!! Iím so scared!!!! Oh no! What am I going to do? Well... I know what I am going to do... the question is... how am I going to do? Aah! Iím so nervous! Somebody help me!!! ...ooh anyway, Iím going to play this folk melody called ďLong Long AgoĒ. I chose that because it is, apparently, an easy one and it isnít too long... heh, sorry but I have a very bad memory for remembering things... Oh well, I have never played a musical instrument in front of people in my life! What can I add to this? Ooh... so nervous!

2002-06-29 09:43:49 ET

Dont be nervous you'll be great.

2002-06-29 09:49:30 ET

Owee! Thanks!

2002-06-29 10:15:36 ET

*sends don't be nervous vibes*
I'm sure you will do just fine, good luck and have fun!

2002-06-29 17:02:11 ET

OoOoO feeling the vibes now! Thanks!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2002-06-29 20:02:55 ET

just do your best, afterall, thats all you really can do.
unless you already did it and this is a late reply, then you would have already done your best or worst and would have no need for support seeing how it would have already been accomplished.

2002-06-29 20:11:02 ET

It is tomorrow... well today now... uhm I mean... June 30th at 8:00 pm

2002-06-30 02:10:55 ET

good luck, good luck!

if you fuck something up just improvise in La-Minor, it always helps :)

2002-06-30 06:02:25 ET

This isn't about this Entry, it's about your whole page.... I see that you are into VtM.... So am I, I am more inclined toward the Gangrel clan however....

2002-06-30 21:44:53 ET

dont worry youll do great. i played violin for like 2 months when i was little i hated it. its cool that you can stick with somthing so diffuclut.

2002-07-01 07:32:02 ET

Ooh thanks!

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