2004-01-23 21:12:02 ET

Pathetic... Iím a living thesis of this subject.
Somebody kill me, I donít care. Drowning in a storm of ideas... all intellectual, all mind, art or science, everything itís my mind, they all soak me, suffocating, Iíll never be able to be more... more, accepted? Or me more flexible? I hate, or I dislike. Iím rejected or Iím put apart. Itís always the same, always, Iím alone, always, ...will always be...? not fair? Not good? My fault? I wished I were... more... or less... I donít know, I just know Iím futile, unworthy, senseless, I ...simply, shouldnít be, ...exist? Lame, woe is me, pathetic, whatever, Iíve lost the will... for so many things, whatís a will without a reason?

2004-01-24 00:30:24 ET

You're not useless, you're brilliant.
You're far too hard on yourself.
Shit, I wish I could always be intelligent.

You're not pathetic.
You exceed about 95% of the population.

Savvy? ;]

2004-01-24 08:43:42 ET

hun take a deep breath. and let it out. and if you think to much is happening at once. you should take a break. maybe take a semester away from school.

2004-01-24 10:26:49 ET

I know how you feel - plus some.

2004-01-24 20:36:12 ET

Thanks. Yet, sometimes I don't know how to call something such as "selfsteem" when there's not way to measure mine. I feel hipocrite when often I have fake emotions infront of others just to look 'natural'. Probably here, is the very only place where I post what's in my mind.
Thanks, you all seem very nice too me.

2004-01-24 20:50:26 ET

Im not nice.
Im honest.

2004-01-25 18:57:59 ET


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