Solo between the kids.
2002-07-01 17:06:14 ET

Strange, I had dream but I donít remember what it was about; I can only recall that I was Batman, like the Tim Burtonís version. Funny.

So, What happened yesterday? Yes, I had my presentation about the violin thing. Fortunately it wasnít a big deal because, as I said, most of the Ďnewí students were children about 4 to 12 years old of age, like 3 teenagers, and only some Korean girl and I were the Ďgrown upsí there. It was freaky watching me there with the kids. But fortunately there were no judges or anything like it, there were mostly the kidís parents as audience, so they wouldnít have noted if I were playing hardcore or Mozart, heh. Oh, well. First passed some child about 6 or 5 years old, then it was me. I only played this singular folk melody and that was all. The audience semi-applauded as a compromise I guess, because I really sucked ass there. Damn, I donít know why even if I knew there were only the parenthood there I should I be so worried? I guess I was presence of my nice teacher and the main professor there or simple that I wanted to do it well. My hands were trembling so fucking uncontrollable but I played it without any errors, I only played it a little trembling, thatís all, but Iím sure I had played it way much more well at home than there. So then many other children played there and the last one, as violin solos, was this Korean girl, whom did play very well, she definitely was in a higher level of practice. Then it came the piano solos, and again a whole crowd of little faces was there, but now there played even some other teenagers: some dude that played the Titanic theme song of the movie; even the boyfriend of my gothie teacher played there, even though Iím not so sure heís a goth too, he had his hair green-dyed, I donít think that looks moody enough to be a goth, but since I donít really know anything about the punk subculture I canít say if he was a punk, maybe heís just another metalhead there. Anyway, he played, and finally a couple of Korean brothers played too in a duet of piano and violin altogether the Autumn of Vivaldiís ďFour SeasonsĒ, and they kicked ass very well!

Between the violin solos and piano solos, the original students orchestra played several melodies. Finalizing the studentsí debut, again this small orchestra played one more song like the end of the whole show. And so, that was all. But ...and today? Well I didnít do much today but sleeping as the lazy ass shit I am, lets just see what happens next.

2002-07-01 17:37:31 ET

I used to play the piano..and had recitals with mobs of little monsters that banged the grand piano to shreds.....I think I almost cried it was terrible...but I suck at the piano, and only play it when I am bored now

2002-07-03 10:35:32 ET

Hehe.... it reminds me of when I was asked to play flute in front of everyone at my moms work for X-mas. I was all alone.. heh... Everyone said i did good though... but of course i've been playing flute longer than you have violin. Although I have never done a solo in front of a really big crowd.

2002-07-04 14:08:34 ET

It wasn't really a big crowd. As I said it was mostly the kids' parents. Fewer than 50 people.

2002-07-04 21:40:40 ET

yeah... well i think there was about 75 people or so.....

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