2004-02-04 21:20:35 ET

Since the last 4 days I've been sick, I'm not sure of what, but my throat is killing me, it fucking aches me a lot. Damn me and my stupid sickness, now a while ago my nose was bleeding too, fuck I bleed some.

Well, the Music Festival is next week, on Feb 12, 13, 14 and 15. Where only the last 2 days we’ll have concerts, the other 2 a lot of rehearsal. I just still don’t know how the fuck did our director come with the idea of gathering approximately 15 orchestras to make one. One year ago, we were about 250 people orchestra, this year it’s supposed to be 500. This is a damn madness; I doubt I will barely breathe. So... we’re doing lots of rehearsals, especially for one piece whose composer, Arturo Marquez, is going to come in person and conduct his own work, “Danzón no. 2”.
And talking about the orchestra, I think I haven’t mentioned that there’s this little 8-year-old girl who I think she’s been nice with me. I say it because normally girls that age don’t see me as a friend. She reminds me to when I went to Dallas and also a little girl, Cynthia, started to be friends with me. Now this girl, Natalie, makes me feel nice when she comes to me an talks to me or just wants me to tune her violin, thus I’m going to do as possible help her be a good violinist.

My throat stil hurts, damn.

2004-02-05 02:07:15 ET

got the same thing man, that sure sucks :( especially for me, since I gotta be able to sing this friday.

2004-02-05 04:55:25 ET

ugh. it's going around here too.

that's cool, btw, that you're taking the time to mentor that little girl. :)

2004-02-07 19:19:44 ET

Thanks. I'm feeling better now.
Yeh, I'll try to enlighten her with music knowledge.

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