The usual
2004-02-28 18:41:47 ET

Well... I hadnít been here in ages, but Iím sort of back... well, Iíll try now to be more often updating here, for the moment I can say that I havenít had time to keep listening to some goth/black/metal bands since I still have been quite excited on the violin stuff, thus Iíve listening to a lot of classical repertoire, but whatever, Iím sure Iíll find some space to keep listening the shit I used to. Just to conclude now, I cans y nothing more than my life is still as shitty or worse as usual, whatever, I do wonder if Iíll die young or old. Fuck.

2004-02-29 12:26:05 ET

hi. your artwork makes me happy in my pants.
k bye.

2004-02-29 17:48:36 ET

Hahah, why there?... well it's good anywhere as it makes someone happy.

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