Where to go
2004-03-07 20:01:04 ET

I still have lots of problems for concentrating when reading. I can't read well, I'm always getting distracted, paranoid me, I start reading anything and then I move my eyes to somewhere else just to... see what else is around (?), well I wish I could read easily like everyone else.
I know it may not sound gothic or anything but the theme song of Serial Experiments Lain is quite a nice song and I like it: Boa - Duvet. It's really nice and relaxing.

Whatever, I wish I had a batmobile, I wish I lived on the moon and come down to earth whenever I wanted. I want to learn many things, I like knowledge but it seems knowledge hurts me too. I need to start listening to more cds again; I'm lost in music, undefined in drawings. It' night, instead of a lullaby, I need a kiss.

2004-03-08 14:01:33 ET

i like that last little paragraph.

2004-03-12 22:38:48 ET

I was trying to find words to describe tiny pieces of madness.

2004-03-13 11:44:10 ET


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