Lick a knife.
2004-04-04 19:38:16 ET

Well, finally 2 weeks without school, I was planning to spend one week trying to draw something again, just to not leave my passion for drawing and keep practicing, but I知 not sure if I知 going to have much time because of many rehearsals, damn.
The second week I値l be out of the city, will travel to another state because we were invited to play there, and I知 going; I know it痴 going to be tiring but I知 interested in playing in different places.
Sometimes I feel like licking the moon.

2004-04-11 15:08:29 ET

You get two weeks for Spring Break? Not fair. Ah well... such is life.

2004-05-03 20:38:21 ET

yet, I didn't have much of a "break".

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