Somewhen between yesterday and tomorrow.
2004-05-03 20:34:20 ET

I havenít been posting very often again. I remember the first days when I first entered this site I did have time to post somehow more often than now... itís been almost 2 years now. Well, Iíll try to keep posting on my shitty life just contribute my little piece of dirt in the world.

Itís late, but itís ok because I donít have classes tomorrow and the day after because thereís going to be a thing with the professors and teachers stuff. And talking about school, I sum up saying that in this aspect of my life I am doing really bad, ass shitty bad, I have flunked several subjects and decaying in many others. Iím starting to worry wondering if Iíll effectively complete my career; Iím barely in 3rd semester, there are 9, and Iím already decaying. I guess itís mainly because the lack of interest lately... when I chose this career I wanted it because I just needed anything where I could learn and use more mathematics, but, now that I see it not many professors teach much math the way I liked it... again my woe that Iíve never been or acted like a nerd or geek, but I damn like pure math.

And speaking of knowledge, my passion for music is also becoming stronger, such that I starting to think seriously if whenever I finish my career (if I finish it), after that Iíll try to study a career in music, perhaps in composition, but if so, I need to start learning to play piano, because I canít think of much harmony and chords with the violin as I could with a piano. Well... Iíll see about that later. Also Iíd like to restart to have a schedule for taking a bit of time a day or week to sit down and draw as I used to draw before, or maybe make a new habit of reading books, I donít remember when was the last time I finished a book.

2004-05-05 20:15:24 ET

where do you go to school? is math your major? I always thought it was music. :)

2004-05-07 20:56:56 ET

I'm studying Electronics engineering. Mathematics was supposed to my stuff, yet people always told me that my stuff was drawing, now I think it's music.

2004-05-16 04:49:34 ET

where you start is not where you finish up. I work in the financial industry and I have a PoliSci/History degree with a focus on political theory/analysis. It was a five yr (should have been four) vacation (with lots of paper work) to come up with what I wanted to do.

You never know where you may end up but it is good to get some sort of degree under you and move from there.

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