Mind within fog.
2004-05-07 22:07:28 ET

It’s Frida… no, it’s 1:30 am so it’s already Saturday, well... it’s becoming sort of a tradition that on Fridays I go out with some friends to a bar a get drunk. At first it used to be like every 2 or 3 Fridays, but now it’s been 3 Fridays in a row that coming out of school we go to a bar to drink and play domino or pool. But mostly drink beer. We neither drink to come out dead-drunk, just stupidly-dizzy-drunk. So far I had only drunk 4 beers, and now I drank 5, heh I’m not exactly sure if I like doing this... getting drunk; in part I do it because in deed I wanted to find ‘something’ else to get distracted all of my sorrows and constant depression and stuff... but I’ve realized that every time I get drunk in these Fridays, in my way home I get even much more depressed, it make me feel like shit. …drinking at 1 pm, how more fucked up and pathetic can I be.

I’ve downloaded new albums; King Diamond – Abigail, Rhapsody – Symphony of Enchanted Lands, Samael – Exodus, Switchblade Symphony – Bread and Jam for Frances, and several tracks of Siouxsie and the 69 eyes... that is some black metal and some goth rock, as well as some classical, anyone should definitely check out Holst – St Paul suite, the first and last movements are my favorites).

2004-05-22 18:11:34 ET

and alcohol is a depressant. you'll grow out of it(i say that cause youre already saying it makes you depressed) but hey alcohol and drugs are a social excuse, a way and reason to go out and then you can act however you want and then blame it on the substances. or not. i dont enjoy drinking cause it makes me feel sick.

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