stare it
2004-05-23 20:29:13 ET

Iíve been having many works on school, and keeping me busy and tired so I havenít updated here very often.
And again, I must say I am such a terrible timid shy guy when meeting a girl, I canít do anything but staring. Iím going straight to a frozen hell.
I must say that I really enjoy being in a dark place, thatís one of the true feelings I feel since I was a kid; feeling more shelter in a quite calm dark place.
I wish I had more time or dedication-time do drawings like I used to before, now Iím all into music, but I still like drawing.

2004-05-24 00:02:39 ET

your drawings are beautiful. are they of actual girls and places or just something you made up? i'm curious about the cemetary, is that an actual cemetary? the shading is unbelievable(on all of them)

2004-05-30 19:36:32 ET

Thanks, must of them I took from some pictures I found on internet, like the cemetery one (perhaps my favorite, for I did spend a lot of dedication for the shading), others I made up, and a few others I did from poeple I know.
I case you'd like to see more I have a few 'em all on yahoo photos.

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