I think I'll never get to be a musician. But I love music.
2002-07-09 00:32:50 ET

Fuck I’m shit at all. Yesterday and today I was searching in the internet for web pages with free music sheets, you know, because I have now like 5 months since I started taking violin lessons, and I wanted to practice/play some melodies I’d like to play well when/if I learn to use more appropriately the instrument, but damn, it’s so hard finding what I want! Ok, I find a page where there have some few melodies I like BUT they only let you download a CLIP, not the entire piece! So they may put you the same old excuse “if you want the complete sheet, click here to order now” Mmh I understand that nothing is for free, but, fucking shit, why does the page title says ‘free’ then?.

Oh well, I did find some music sheets, specially from popular composers like Mozart and Bach, the only problem now is that all of them are for piano! Almost all of them! Due to piano is much ‘popular’ and supposedly ‘easy’ than violin... go wonder... just ask yourself from people you know if anyone plays an instrument, if too average, he/she plays guitar/bass/drums, if a bit more sophisticated then Piano or flute. Violin, violas, cellos and stuff seem to be more ‘symphonic’ huh? Anyway, the ones I was caring the most was for trying to find something of Danny Elfman, yes, I’m so in love of Batman and Edward Scissorhands themes, but I only found -as I said- a little clip and for piano of the Batman theme, the same found for O Fortuna of the Carmina Burana of Carl Orff, nevertheless I managed to play at least a part that was in the Sol key signature.

Ok, I guess I should save some money first if I want to buy a violin. The one I currently have the institute lend it to me. Then I’ll try to keep searching for music sheets. If anyone knows any reliable pages or know where to find I’d be glad to know.

2002-07-09 00:40:10 ET

I'll ask some friends, maybe they can help. What were you looking for?

2002-07-09 12:50:46 ET

hehe I used to look for music sheets for flute.

2002-07-10 13:46:28 ET

im sorry i dont know of any websites or anything but dont worry. youll come across something. as long as your determined you can do anything :)

2002-07-10 14:04:43 ET

Mr. Olorin. I'm currently searche mostly for Danny Elfman's Batman, Edward scissorhands, Batman Returns as I said. Though anyother interesting soundtrack might be nice, I don't know maybe ...starwars? whatever I was also hoping for Jerry Goldsmith's Ave Satani or All the power.
But don't worry, I know modern soundtracks are hard to find. So I'll keep searching for Mozart and others too, but ought to be for violin... or something in Sol (G) key signature.

If Flute is one note each, then it maight be very useful too. The problem about piano is that it has many notes at a time, and also a diferent key signature.

Thanks for the support Pixie.

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