Tired again.
2004-05-30 19:51:03 ET

I went out of the city to give another concert with the orchestra, only friday and saturday. I canít believe howís that in only a couple days out I get 65 spam mails in the bulk file on my email, damn spam to hell, why the fuck do people just randomly send bullshit mails like that?
Whatever, Iím almost out of school, maybe only this week is left and finally Iíll have some more free time to do other stuff, maybe drawing again; recently, some days ago, I sat on the desk to remember those times when I used to draw all nights Ďtill late, so I did drawing, but not as exhausted as the others, a quite simple drawing about a angel girl wondering, and aI can see that Iíve lost practice, I need to practice drawing again.

2004-06-03 09:44:00 ET

i recently started drawing again. its amazing how fast the talent drains when you don't use it.

2004-06-03 19:59:46 ET

heh, yeh.. I'll try to keep practicing on within these vacations.

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