2004-06-07 20:40:57 ET

I知 finally out of school, I知 not sure what am I going to do this vacations, well at least on mornings, because at afternoons I値l still be giving violin classes and rehearsals with the orchestra, maybe I値l finally dedicate some time to drawing and reading at mornings.
What else? Well, I知 still the same pathetic lone shit everywhere I go. I can稚 seem to find people with something in common with me, perhaps only one friend of school who痴 into similar music tastes, but other than that I feel like unwanted in everywhere. Bah... my past nighttime philosophies are reduced to cartoons... someone shoot me.
In approximately 2 weeks we値l have some other concerts, so it痴 going to be tiring dealing with many people. I just wish I could dream with cloudy skies more often.

2004-06-08 05:05:44 ET

your not pahtetic. you'll find lots of stuff to keep you busy.

2004-06-08 12:41:27 ET

yeah well thats how ive felt for years. try finding someone that you have everything in common with and then have them dump you, thats always a fun one. i am relearning how to be with myself again(not by choice) if i lived near you we could hang.

2004-06-08 19:27:15 ET

You could help me move this summer.

2004-06-10 19:34:35 ET

I do try to find something to keep me busy, yet it mostly happens to be mentaly busy.
I'm sure you'd be such a great person to meet, moonglow.
I'd like to help you in anything, samita.

2004-06-11 17:15:12 ET

Hrm.... how to ease boredome... want to be 'childish' and be penpals? (snail-mail of course)

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