Take a big breath.
2004-06-10 20:55:03 ET

Now I can finally sleep late and wake up late too. Iíve been watching an educational program at midday lately, heh, some stuff I found it more interesting seeing it in tv than having it in classrooms, itís about physics and math stuff, and at 3 pm another educational documental about the functions and mysteries of the human brain, quite interesting too. Also Iím reading a book about Van Gogh that a friend recommended me, I donít know much about painterís lives, so Iíll read it.

I tried to draw again today and I felt so disillusioned that I could draw what I wanted, I donít know if do either one of 2 options; one to keep drawing the thing I want to draw several times until something ends up barely good, or to find pictures or models that I could used again to practice with it, like photos or something to try to imitate it so I could perfection want I want to drawÖ blah, Iím talking nonsense, I suck at drawing.

2004-06-10 22:58:50 ET

yeah sounds interesting, what channel is this on?(though i doubt i get it)

2004-06-11 17:26:18 ET

Don't you say you suck at drawing, or I'm going to have to start flashing my tattoo to people again. <3
it just takes time. Like my writing... lots and lots... lots of time.

2004-06-11 21:10:54 ET

It's a channel called Edusat, transmited by 'channel 22'.

Samita... you just got me thinking... will have something to think when I go to bed tonight. I appreciate your words, thanks, I feel encouraged to keep practicing.

2004-06-11 21:44:10 ET


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