certain studies...
2004-06-15 21:45:13 ET

Iíve been waking up late, but I sure like more of enjoying a few hours more admiring the night.
Finally I finished reading that book, but damn I have problems for concentrating, I had to read a few pages again because sometimes I got lost in reading.

Now Iíll have some time again to dedicate practicing some drawing and perspective studies, because I think thatís what I happen to fail the most, perspective, if I had a good perspective I could draw better, so Iíll try to be looking for aesthetic and beauty studies.

Lately I havenít been so sure that Iím doing well as a violinist, Iíve been trying to play some stuff but I can seem to play it well, damn, thereíve been times when I did feel in perfect state for playing I was playing very well, but lately Iím not feeling well, I guess Iíll as well choose some time to dedicate hours in a row of practicing.

2004-06-15 22:03:50 ET

I adore the new drawing, of the angel.

Draw me more feathers? Feathers made of fire.

2004-06-15 22:59:11 ET

What book are you reading?

Will you draw a picture of me?

2004-06-16 22:20:10 ET

Feathers made of fire... mhh definitely an interesting idea. I'll see what can I do.

I was reading a biography about Van Gogh that a friend lend me; and I have thought manys time in drawing you, caterpillar, thanks for the permission, I'll draw you.

2004-06-16 23:04:35 ET


2004-06-17 08:52:56 ET

Van Gogh is an extremely interesting guy.
&you're welcome for permission.
Im anxious to see what you'll do with it. <3

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