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2004-07-02 22:05:33 ET

Is it just me, or did yahoo really improved all mails to 100 Mb? Heh, I donít received many emails though, in fact, lately Iíve received only a bunch of publicity and bulk mail.
Whatever, Iíll been doing again some studies on music harmony and trying to compose some simple midi files, so far Iíve like about 4 of a3 Iíve made; I wish there was some way/some place to upload them so people could hear and tell me what they think about.

This week was calmed, the director went out of the city and thus we had no rehearsals, yet I still helped giving classes, but many people also went out of vacation so I only gave a classes to a few kids of the summer course, so I can say that this week was really calmed, somehow nice; I didnít feel the pressure of always with many people and feeling so depressed or such, I just calmly studied by myself sometimes at home, sometimes at the music school; but oh well... the director returned back, and rehearsals will start again tomorrow.

Yesterday I saw on tv, on the A&E channel, a biography that really motivated me a lot, it was about Leonardo DaVinci, universal genius. He really knew how to paint, how to draw, how to observe, how to think. Iíve always had big admiration to him, but some of his works shown yesterday really motivated me a lot. I need to stop procrastinating and start drawing again, at least for the solely pleasure of visual arts.

2004-07-03 01:47:16 ET

there was a big contreversy over yahoo and 100 mb...esentially they are trying to kill off their competitors to sell our emails for short dumbed down terms since I don't know 100 percent te whole story :)

2004-07-03 07:47:28 ET

you have always reminded me of one of those Renaissance guys. :)

And I love your art work!

2004-07-03 21:44:38 ET

Mmh.. I have about 5 years with the same yahoo email.

Oh Skymosh, heh, thanks, you made me smile. I'd be nice to be like one of these renaissance guys. Thanks.

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