I want to paint, I can't because I'm not good!
2002-07-10 22:35:18 ET

Today, late evening, I went to another art exposition. This time they didnít serve us white wine like the other times; instead the only gave us some cheap beers and a few sodas, not even coke. I didnít got many snacks like the other times, I guess I delayed too much staring the works showed there, because when I finally went to the place where the snack where serving there were only a few, and the tastiest ones were out, so I only grabbed what was left and... ah, yes, no white wine this time, so I barely could drink a bit of beer, though I donít really like it that much... yeah, call me a pussy, I donít like too much bitter things, Iíve been too much into sweeeet stuff. There werenít many snobs like the last time either, so I could stand the ambient. So, then I finished looking again the art works and left. By my way O bought a coke and that was all, so Iím here now.

Watching all the paintings, draws and others, made feel so damn likely to paint something, but damn I'm not good, and I have only made one painting at oils, but I really was feeling so damn likely to paint at that same moment watching the works. My hand, my eyes, were almost ready to do something but it wasn't the correct place, well at least I've now dicided to go but a canvas tomorrow; I have many ideas I'd like to do but I can't seem to realize them by not diciding which should I do first. I was thinking in parodying something else (again), yeah I know, I haven't been to original, but I promise, I do promise I will come up with something original by me one day, like I said I have many ideas I'd like to realize.

Anyway, the artist, defunct now, that his works were showing there, was born the same year Coca-Cola was invented! Can you guess the year?

2002-07-11 12:52:06 ET

Damn, what good is an art show without free grub? LOL!!! Actually, wine gives me a headache. I like sweet stuff too so I prefer FLAVORED beer. You should try Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. Fruity beer rawks :)

2002-07-11 18:36:49 ET

your drawings and your oil painting are awesome! let inspiration take you to your canvas and just paint the hell out of it!!!!!!!

2002-07-11 19:08:19 ET

you CAN paint! I don't want to read that shit. You'll get better in time, but you will probably never be as good as you desire or see in your eye. hell alot better than me.

2002-07-11 19:11:15 ET

Ok, I'm going to try the fruit beer when I can.
Oh you made me feel more likely to paint again! Ah, I just don't know what, I have some ideas, but... oh heck, yeah, I'll start tomorrow.

2002-07-11 19:47:03 ET

paint a kitty kat. haha

2002-07-11 20:14:57 ET

Owee! May be, sounds nice!

2002-07-11 20:21:28 ET

make it all "spookey" ha

2002-07-11 20:35:40 ET

Paint a cemetery! :D

2002-07-11 20:39:19 ET

Well since nobody guessed the year Coca-Cola was invented, I'm posting it. It is in the year when the artist Alberto Ginorella was born; when the Second Surrealist Manifest s also born; when DalŪ made a movie: 1929.

2002-07-11 20:40:57 ET

I may occur with something with a cemetery, but I have other thing in mind right now.

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