2004-07-10 21:52:44 ET

Eh.. itís been a calmed week. Yet, I curse myself for still procrastinating some time to sit down and practice some drawing. I can say that on past Tuesday and Friday, while I was giving some classes to some kids, one of them an 11 year old girl seem very cute to me, I couldnít resist and took out a pencil and a sheet and started to draw her while she was practicing her instrument. Sheís very cute, so... adorable, sheís not noisy or restless like the other kids. Well, I did a drawing of her and gave it to her at the end of the class, she smiled and said thanks, heheh, thatís something that really puts a smile on me... since Iím sometimes known as the cranky black-clothed guy in there.
Adorable kid, I dinít have much time to make a detailed drawing of her, because the class was of one hour and I had also to be checking her to do the lessons well; so I only draw her from the her to the arms.
Well,... by that drawing I do can say that I need to practice drawing again. Maybe spent less hours on the computer and sit back to draw something.

2004-07-10 23:43:37 ET

i hear ya on that mister. i have actually been doing that. i drew another of madkitty, shes my favorite subject but i need to branch out more, maybe draw a landscape or something.

2004-07-11 07:41:19 ET

You're still supposed to draw me!

2004-07-11 07:51:10 ET

thats really cute.

2004-07-15 00:39:46 ET

Moonglow: love for the drawing community!
Caterpillar: Yes, I'll be working on it tomorrow morning.
Pheary: girls are cute.

2004-07-15 14:43:14 ET


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