How can I find beauty in a stormy rain?
2004-07-24 22:33:38 ET

Heh... I constantly get sad or depressed, thatís an easy thing to do with the life I have, but at least today something felt nice, which was having a hell of s rainy storm at 6 pm, I wish there could be a whole 365-day year of cloudy days in a row thatíd be nice.
I received an email about some girl who happened to see some of my drawings in this gallery and asked about how I did them. Well, I havenít dedicate enough time lately to drawing, but I did told her how I usually draw. Plus some documental videos Iíve seen lately on TV about some painters and some mysteries about DaVinci have made me starve fro drawing again, but I canít seem to find the proper inspiration when Iím sitting on the desk trying to draw something... I get too distracted.

Iíll found another page for music harmony, and another for counterpoint, Iíll be damn trying to read as much as I can understand to keep ďcomposingĒ some midis; I can see totally see why it really takes of a whole career to be a composer, Iím blowing my brains out trying to make a simple Fugue and I hardly got to make a short Cannon, whatever, Iíll try to keep doing something whenever I find myself inspired.

So many times I have a lot of shit I feel like posting here but I end either forgetting it donít knowing to say it. I canít be a poet, but damn I always have a tormented mind. Itís all about mentality. I canít be a poet but a mediocre philosopher through the way of arts.

2004-07-24 23:52:14 ET

I took piano lessons for more years than I can count. I can still hear the music in my head when I read the sheet music, though I've gotten rusty... but damned if I could ever write anything.

2004-07-25 07:22:22 ET

Most poets have tourmented minds.
Tortured artists, anyone?

P.S - Where's mah pic?! ;]

2004-07-27 22:38:11 ET

samita: The harder thing on piano aver the violin is that you have to deal with different melodic lines (sometimes up to 4 or more voices), but I'll tryy me best to learn at lest some simple melodies.

Caterpiller: please forgive me for being such a procrastinator slacker. I do have worked on it, but still need to practice more. I promise I'll work on that.

2004-07-28 12:56:25 ET

It's all good.
Im just being annoying.

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