In the dark the mind will ripe.
2004-07-27 22:26:22 ET

Last Sunday the energy went off at night, and... I didn’t know what to do, so boring I’ve been used to always be with the computer at nights and going to bed late. Finally the energy came back at 2:30 am but it only lasted half hour and it went off again, so I finally went to sleep. For the next day the energy had come again.

Someone asked me what have I been doing this vacations, and I noticed that I’ve mostly been: playing music, reading about music, writing music and listening music. So I do like music, yet I’d like buy a keyboard and try to learn piano. I still which I had more dedication to drawing; I’m such procrastinator, when am I finally going to sit and dedicate to draw something again? I received an email a few days ago of some girl who said she looked into this gallery and saw my drawings, and asked me about my “technique” for drawing. I mostly tried to explain how I do for the shading with a regular pen.

There was a time (still some months ago) when I couldn’t remember when bathing if I had already applied shampoo or not... I get distracted with my own thoughts so easily, I quite become a lonely philosopher all nights.

Quote: “If you cry for losing the sun, your tears won’t let you see the stars”. –Mafalda (Quino).

2004-07-28 17:42:26 ET

yeah i forget if i used shampoo sometimes too so i try to smell my hiar but its to short.

2004-07-31 22:05:55 ET

heheh... I meant that sometimes I use the shampoo twice when bathing... I used the shampoo, then the soap, then got me thinking something, the I forget I already used the shampoo so I used again.

2004-08-01 13:24:43 ET

well thats what i mean too. like if i really did forget then i'll do it agian.

one time i used conditioner before shampoo.

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