Give me another chance to do something "artsy".
2002-07-11 23:12:51 ET

Today, July 12 2002, I appear in the page #24 of listed by newest. So if there are in total 37, may I say now that Iím from the Ďfirstí half? Cool! While more and more users keep joining Iíll be one day from the eldest ones, heh.
Oh well, Iíve been very well encouraged to paint something. For long time Iíve been thinking in an angel I saw, which seems a renaissance angel playing the lute, but I was thinking in drawing the angel playing some electric guitar, seems amusing.

Anyway, something interesting may happen again for me. Yeh, the last thing I considered interesting to my own was when I posted 7 drawings for an art contest in my city, 5 of them are in my galleries, all of them except the Dark Pietŗ and the Cemetery because those are recent. Well in that occasion, they told us there were about 80 participants and only 25 were selected to show their works at the gallery, I WAS! Nevertheless I didnít win any of the three first places, but it was cool. Blah. Anyway, this time, some mister watched some of these draws and now wants me to go do Dallas, TX, to make him some sort of mural or painting, so maybe will go there in about a week to see what may I do. He plans to pay me the travel I think, though his sons arenít too mature yet, well... the eldest one is 16, I still may talk to him, the other two are still kids, whatever, I get along better with the mister, because heís somewhat funny. Even though, Iím not so sure what does he want me to draw of paint, he mentioned something about a museum and Aztec pictures, he does wonít feel too comfortable with my metalish/Goth passion I guess. Iíll see what I can do. Meantime I'm listening Dead Can Dance - Windfall which gives me alot to think with a peaceful mind.

2002-07-12 13:53:05 ET

O.o Dead Can Dance..."Aion" is one of my favorite CDs. I love that first track. It's so beautiful. If you like them you should check out this band, The Moors. I'll send you a link when I find it. :)

2002-07-13 10:35:52 ET

congrats! i wish i could paint the things i vision in my mind but i didnt get that gift instead i got the writting gift.. lol oh well.

2002-07-13 10:38:23 ET

Thanks again TeRRoR!

Well, in case if anyone wanted to see how my next "work" on just a hobby, this is what I've done until now:

The original painting is from an Artist called Melozzo da Forlž and his work is titled just as Angel with Lute, but in my case it's an electric guitar... ha.

2002-07-13 22:05:46 ET

Damn man, you better not let that talent go to waste.

2002-07-13 22:11:12 ET

Heh, thank you!

2002-07-15 20:02:35 ET

You are an amazing sketcher!

2002-07-25 05:36:07 ET

v. nice.
i think it would be really cool to do the mural, lots of exposure. even if it isnt your normal style, sometimes you can still really end up loving the piece. that i would just love to do something so large.

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