Da Capo.
2004-08-16 19:25:04 ET

Iíve been listening again to some metal music Iíve downloaded, I know that some of these I just downloaded for being curious and just having something as background music while Iím doing something else.
Decapitated Ė Nihility
Hatebreed Ė Perseverance
Dark Lunacy Ė Forget me not
Of course the 2 first ones Iíve hear regularly just, as I said, considerably just as an amusing background music, I know many people in here donít like metal that much, and I admit I wouldnít call it formally Music, I donít know how to explain it, but I just like its ambient of noisy angst-ful whatever sounds, Iím aware why many people donít like it, but I feel like I donít need to listen it as Ďmusicí but just something that I enjoy. Yet, an exception is found in Dark Lunacyís music I heard; damn, that one terrific album! Iím seriously, now talking as a musician, that album really is something to listen carefully, they do seem to know some elemental harmony tools, especially on the minor field, it has a damn enjoyable melodic tunes and fine accompaniment, tragic and depressive atmospheres richen by a well constructed harmony. I do recommend that album a lot.

As for classical, Iíve been tasting again from several periods; Iím still digesting-hearing the six Brandenburg concertos and the well tempered klavier books of J.S. Bach, and enjoying some of Mozartís known symphonies, and still canít refuse the admiration of some Tchaikovskyís works and the modern Khachaturian sound of his Masquerade Suite (which I love the first movement, the waltz).
*sighs* Weíll have concerts, this upcoming weekend, Iím not sure how will it result, but I love music, itís some of the few things that gives me a reason to keep breathing.

2004-08-16 19:42:51 ET

The entire WTC, and Brandenburg Concertos is a lot to take in. Let's hear it for Bach!

"Weíll have concerts..." What are you playing?

2004-08-16 19:45:39 ET

i love playing bach but ive yet to listen to it played. who plays it? where can i listen to these works of his? i know im bad, i need to get into classical bigtime, its on my list.

2004-08-16 19:47:07 ET

do you mean live, or recordings?

2004-08-16 19:56:56 ET


2004-08-16 20:13:38 ET

goodness, one of the most famous people that has done bach is Glenn Gould performing the Goldberg varieations. That's a great place to start.

I also really like John Eliot Gardiner's recording of the Mass in b minor.

Yo-Yo Ma's second recording of the entire solo cello suites is a must. (he recorded them earlier in his carrer, but I hear that the earlier recordings don't have the maturity that the later one does.)

Classical guitarist David Russell has an entire album of Bach (heck, it seems like just about every classical guitarest has a bach album) Chritopher Parkening is a favorite of mine as well.

That's more than enough to get you started. :o)

What instrument do you play Moonglow?

2004-08-16 20:51:04 ET


2004-08-16 20:51:45 ET

cool! how long have you been playing?

2004-08-17 14:31:22 ET

like 5 years and i havent for the past 6 months, i need to start taking lessons again. i miss it. what do you play?

2004-08-17 15:55:41 ET

My mail intrument is the classical guitar, But I sing as well, and have just started taking piano myself. :o)

2004-08-17 16:36:47 ET

i wish i could sing. i tried and took voice lessons but i'm not good. do you think everyone can sing? or do you think some people just can't and some are just born to sing?

2004-08-17 18:05:24 ET

To an extent, I think that just about everyone can sing somthing. Very few can't sing anything at all, and very few can sing operatically. That is a true gift. It's like anything else, there are those that have that vertuosic ability, and then there are those that can't do much at all.

Though I'm sure that there are plenty of voice teachers with actual experience that would vehimently disagree. :op

2004-08-28 18:37:14 ET

Bach rocks!

2004-08-28 20:31:30 ET

Yes. Yes he does.

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