above the knife
2004-08-28 19:04:42 ET

Well, I havenít shown up here since a week I guess, it was mainly because of school works and shit. Damn, it almost seems to be a fucking semester on how to use Mathcad (a math equations software). The past concerts I mentioned about in the last entry, in my point of view sucked so much ass, as I was guessing, fucking winds section, donít know how to count at all; besides, I got really raged and mad about some bitchass queer shit motherfucker fagots, I wish they rot in hell, nasty asssuckers.

I wonder everyday (literally) if there are really some people I could worth thinking of friends, or if really anybody would miss me if I just suddenly go... just go way. In some way I really wish no one missed me if I disappear or something. I mean, I always been the left-alone-in-a-corner antisocial scum, so no wonder why I become so apathetic and sometimes insane about anything. Bah... fucking people, if they decided to do thing in a more prudent way and not just bulshiting with unnecessary crap, then at least Iíd worth something for someone... blah, what do I complaint? Itís my own irony of complaints what have made me so despicable for many. Whenever I die I only wish it to be cloudy day.

edit: Oh, and I don't know why since about 4 or 5 days ago I've been feeling like trouble when breathing, like if something in my chest is wrong. It's annoying not being able to breathe freely.

i - ii7(b5) - V - i

2004-08-28 21:17:43 ET

the ii7(flat 5)... if you were in the key of a minor, would you spell that b,d,f flat, a flat? and if you did, wouldn't that already be V7?

2004-08-28 21:21:28 ET

not being able to count. That sux. that's what my last theory teacher was really stressed in music skills class. It REALLY helps to have that internal metronome. You can't be a functioning musician with out it.

2004-08-28 21:44:53 ET

hhmmm...what is wrong with your breathing? do you feel like your chest is tight and you have trouble expanding it enough, or is it more like your breath isn't giving you enough air?

2004-08-30 19:35:34 ET

Picardy Third: Heheh, No, check it again. In A minor (no alterations) the ii7(b5) is b-d-f-a.
the major chord of B is b-#d-#f, the minor chord is b-d-#f, thus the dimished 5th (b5) is b-d-f.
if you had a b-d-bf, that would be a double dimished minor chord, way too weird, pointless to use, it sounds more like a E minor with 7th without the 3rd (e-g-b-d. being bf the natural e)... hehehe.. all these summer vacationes I damn studied very seriously on music harmony, I guess no one on the orchestra knows more than me aboout chords, cadences, etc. I'm way too prapared to seroiusly compose something, but I haven't had the time to write something worth showing to the conductor, just a bunch of preludes and some small fugues.

Autumn Solstice: yeh, like my chest is tight, I don't know why, it started about a week ago, and haven't got back to normal; it annoys me not being able to brathe well, I feel like I want to expand more and more my chest to breathe well but I can't. Crap, and I don't even smoke, ...if I did I imagine it would be worse.

2004-08-30 19:41:59 ET

In minor harmony the ii chord is already dimiished... Oh, I see, there's no diminished sign is there? lame. See, I though you meant, ii Dim. flat 5.

2004-08-30 20:05:21 ET

So what you meant was i-iio-V-i right?

2004-08-31 15:32:15 ET

you could possibly have some secretions down there that you don't know about, but you probably just have some bronchospasm..the small smooth airways in your lungs are spasming, and since there are so many and it is happening all at once it feels like your chest is tighter....you may be allergic to something that is blowing around..i would suggest you get a bronchodilator( a form of inhaled medication) or go for some vapor therapy, that should help pop them open..

2004-08-31 19:35:59 ET

Picardy: yep.
Autumn: Mmh.. interesting... I started feeling beeter today in the morning, but there are still many moments in which I kind of try to expand my chest to breathe. I hope this goes off soon.

2004-09-01 18:03:51 ET

yeah i know...we've been getting a lot of allergy and asthma patients lately...i hope you feel better..

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