2:00 am
2004-09-11 21:57:05 ET

Iíve been having all day my nose blocked, sneezing, and some of throat ache too, hopefully itíll go away soon. The only thing that makes me feel good is to drink a coke.

I know maybe no one here will know what Iím talking about so maybe Iím just writing this to myself:
At 2:00 am once again I realize that besides my favorite 4 violin concertos (Beethoven, Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky & Brahms) I can definitely say that I totally also adore Khachaturianís concerto, I know itís a really far difference of music genre from the other 4, but ...oh, damn, this one also is great. I've just heard 2 recordings though, Kogan Monteux and of course Itzhak Perlman; I can't decid which one I like better, what it's true is that I love Khachaturian's concerto now as one of my all favorites.

2004-09-11 22:15:49 ET

He sounds like an intersting composer. What is his style like?

2004-09-12 18:08:43 ET

It's modern, mmh... modern classical but not too impressionist like Ravel or others; contemporarie to Shostakovich and Prokovief. You should download the "Sabre Dance", a very well known piece, you shall immediately recognize and say "I've heard this one somewhere before", which in fact is a scene of his 'gayene' ballet music. Well, that's one popular melodie, but if you'd like to hear more of his music I totally recomend the Waltz of the Masquerade suite, or, as I said, his violin concerto, which I deliciously recommend you hear it at midnight. Yet I need to hear more of his music because I'm really starting to like his.

2004-09-12 20:35:05 ET

right on! thank you much.

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