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2004-10-02 21:21:48 ET

Damn, again I lasted about a week without updating here, but it isnít entirely my fault, the fucking internet server gets really slow, and I mean way too slow at times... (transferring 600 bytes/seg), itís really annoying, it takes ages to load the page just for checking the email. Iím definitely changing for the other internet company hopefully within this weekend.

In other news, the recital I wrote about the last entry was so... mmh, I donít know how to say it, I my opinion, for myself, I did not play like I expected, I got really nervous and slipped some notes really bad, maybe not too obvious for the few audience but for me it was fatal. I guess non of us were accustomed to play a solo, so it wasnít easy to play in front of people alone. Blah, whatever, bullshit happens everyday in someway. At least for todayís rehearsal I was said to sit place as concertino. I also felt nervous, maybe itís just a temporary sit, who knows.

On school, well, a good news was I went really well in one test, but flunked in another... so Iím still kind of worry about some other tests, but more that tests, sometimes itís about some teachers, bitchasses I hate, make things hard.

2004-10-02 22:39:21 ET

The most important thing if you mess up, is just to keep going. That's what my piano teacher always told me at least. Besides, it's always nerve wracking having to perform in front of an audience.

You should try fencing sometime. It's fun. And good for relieving stress :)

2004-10-04 17:39:38 ET

Oh, I have the worst nervous attacks at times... I didn't get too nervous though, as I've get worse with other situations, like, with girls... I'm such a shyguy...

2004-10-04 17:50:35 ET

oh, you shouldn't be, malk. you're such a great guy!

2004-10-04 19:14:00 ET

thank you

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