I want to close my eyes.
2004-10-10 20:17:08 ET

Because of some other people havenít shown up at all the rehearsals, it seems like itís going to be my time now to be the concertino. Damn I donít consider myself to be a good violinist to have that responsibility but, well, Iíll try to do my best. Oh, and apparently weíre going to repeat the recital, and play the solos again next Friday, damn, I still get nervous in front of the public. Blah, whatever.

I think Iím going to get the other internet server company tomorrow, because this one just really suck itís huge slowness, it gets really slow at times that itís hard checking the email.

2004-10-10 20:18:28 ET

but such an awesome honor to be able to play

2004-10-10 20:19:17 ET

you have no clue how many insturments i have tried to play. i give credit to azny person who can play an insturment. and i wish i could hear you play. becuas ei bet you are good.

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