2004-10-16 06:46:08 ET

Yesterday the invited orchestras arrived, I’m hosting two guys, one of them is the concertino, he’s very damn good, I definitely shouldn’t be taking the concertino place, he should, but well, let’s see how the rest of the weekend goes. Yesterday was also de recital, and I got more nervous than the past one, damn, I felt like dying in stage, I wanted to jump from a bridge or something.

Well, Other than that, today’s Oct 16, my birthday , but it’s barely 10 am, we’ll see how the day goes on and will write about it maybe at night or tomorrow night.

2004-10-16 11:17:56 ET

happy birthday!!

2004-10-16 14:19:28 ET

happy birthday!

2004-10-18 20:06:29 ET


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