goes on... wonder where.
2004-10-18 20:04:31 ET

I did get a few hugs on my birthday. Nothing special, I donít like the feeling of feeling rewarded by doing nothing, I just accomplished more years of being alive.
Whatever, at the end I didnít get to be the concertino ĖI noticed some glances telling me not being good for that place-, whatever, fuck it.
Iím now the thing of changing the winXp to winMe, and asking about how to put the internet to work well in that computer, apparently itís better with a router-modem thing. Mmh... why so much shite for these stuff?
Well, what else? I donít know. I guess Iím Ďsomehowí back to normal, that is being either apathetic or angsty or sad, and for dessert the daily depression for all nights.
I saw some like pumpkin toys to stick in the windows of the car for Halloween, I want one but of bat, I think itíll look better with a bat.

2004-10-18 20:39:37 ET

i hear ya buddy! happy birthday! libras rule! oh those stickers sound cool, if you find a bat one maybe you could get me one too?!

2004-10-19 09:23:30 ET

Happy Belated!

2004-10-19 19:15:10 ET

I'll keep looking for a bat one.

2004-10-20 07:41:30 ET


2004-10-20 12:20:37 ET


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