2004-10-23 20:26:49 ET

The thing with the internet here is somehow better, but still not what we want. I finally got internet in my new computer (in my room) and with WinMe, and we connected it the other two in LAN, but now the problems is that internet, we canít make it have internet in 3 computers, itís either in one or in another but not in the 3 at the same time, donít know why, but itís probably because of we havenít configured it well, or maybe itís the hub or the connection, whatever, I guess weíll have to call the computer guy again.
Well, so at least I now have internet in my room, but now the other problem that really bugs me is that it has a problem with the audio, either in a midi or an mp3, whenever audio is being played it has like interferences or something and the audio cuts for little whiles. Mmh, how to explain it? Itís like if it had hiccups..., yes, like that, Iím listening to an mp3 or something and it plays it well but with some little pauses about every 20 seconds or sometimes every minute, like if it had hiccups; itís really annoying I canít enjoy from a complete track at all because itís always interrupted for those tiny pauses, I donít know whatís causing it, but itsí annoying.

In other news, a friend of mine is recovering from an appendix surgery he had about a weak ago. Apparently he had been having a lot of aches and went with different doctors but they only said itíd be just some stomachache or something, but at the end it ended being a problem with the appendix and to be interned. Heís now in his home but still quite fragile. Damn, Iíve never had a surgery but it must sucks. I hope he gets well soon, I need a billiard mate.

2004-10-23 22:14:41 ET

is it a dial up connection?

2004-10-24 17:49:37 ET

nope, well sort of. The phone company gives you DSL signal (internet) and phone tone at the same time, so they give you a filter so you can use the phone and internet at same time. Then from the computer you must use a program for the modem and to 'connect' to the server, then you have internet. Thus now the problem is that if the 3 computers are turned on, the first one who 'connects' will use the internet, but I'm sure theres a way so the 3 can use it at the same time, I just don't figure out how yet.

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