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2004-10-25 19:18:53 ET

The friend I talked about apparently isnít doing very well, he had to be interned in the hospital again; thatís got to suck, itís awful, I hope he gets well soon, heís perhaps the only Ďsubculturedí friend I have at the moment. Mmh... well, I hope he gets well soon.

The audio problem is still a fact, I donít know how to solve it. It keeps being interrupted, perhaps it has to do something with the memory because it sounds like if it was using a lot of memory or something, maybe Iíll have to reinstall WinMe again, and just when I was getting exited by finally listening internet radio with broadband. There are really good stations from Goth and Metal to Classical, quiet nice.

Well I better go to bed and try to rest so I wont have problems keeping awake tomorrow like I did today. I donít know what happened, I went to bed yesterday at 11 or 12 like always, and today at morning I was dying of sleep at all classes, I felt really damn tired I barely could keep my eyes open. Iím must rest now then.

2004-10-27 06:50:46 ET

I almost always feel tired when I first wake up (it's really hard for me to wake up a lot of times). Normally if I have about 7-8 hours of sleep I'll be okay for the first few days but after about the 4th day of having about 7 hours of sleep that night... I'm dead tired the next whole day. I like to sleep for atleast 10-11 hours. (mainly because I never get to do so.)

I hope you friend gets better.

2004-10-28 17:18:47 ET

Damn, I wish there was a way to rest enough and effectivly so we didn't have to be tired all day.

2004-10-30 17:00:21 ET

You can never really tell the night before if you're going to be tired (unless of course you know you're going to only have very little sleep)

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