Moon desires.
2004-10-28 19:43:57 ET

For a mind that lives in the dark, the most beautiful light that pleases our instinct nature is the moonlight. The moon has been showing very well lately and quite admirable. So much a human can do inspired only by its light, from poems to sonatas and canvases. Keep shining moonlight.

I don’ know I why said the above things, I just felt like writing it. Well, in other issues, I have to say that I’ve been watching a tv program lately, that I can describe it as cute. Really, I find it amusingly nice and I like it. It’s called “The Worst Witch” and it’s about an academy for girls who want to become witches; the main plot is about the situations of a girl who’s always blamed for the bad thing that happens there since she didn’t become from a family of witches (like the others), so she has her group of friends supporting her and dealing with her nemesis (another girl and a very disciplined teacher [so adorable her black gowns and cold attitude]). So the show may sound quite corny or obvious but I still find it amusingly cute and fun.

Halloween’s approaching. I find it adorable a day to fantasize with witches and such. I wish you all have a nice Halloween.

2004-10-28 19:50:31 ET

You too!

2004-10-28 21:47:38 ET

yeah the moonlight is the the most tolerable for me. i hate the sun. its so bright and loud during the day. at night everyone is asleep and its like its just me on earth and the moon. but im gonna have to start getting up earlier for my own insanity, i'm going insane being awake at night, it is very lonely. but peaceful.

2004-11-02 19:10:16 ET

Damn, I wish that it was the opposite, that so much sunlight affected us and the night gave us strengh. What would have happened if all the human cultures lived at night?

2004-11-02 19:12:06 ET

no i dont want all the generics invading "my" night.

2004-11-02 19:17:25 ET

Good point. Then... maybe we should have been born with sun glasses inserted in our eyes.

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