D minor. Con fermezza, sostenuto, vivace.
2004-11-05 20:30:11 ET

The friend I talked about before is back, but he canít eat spicy food or smoke too much because of the surgery. Today I finally went to play billiard with some colleagues from school. We had about a month without going, yet Iím not very good playing it, I wish I could play more. I only drink 2 beers, Iím not a very good drinker, but at least it distracted me bit.
About a month ago a new girl entered the orchestra; I kind of had been feeling interested, sheís pretty, but knowing my bad luck (or maybe psychosomatic shyness problem) Iím just going to end really pathetic, besides, maybe she already seems interested in someone else, sheís just being polite with me... oh, I donít know why am I saying this, I never end up very well (references found on past journal entries). A tear is not enough to describe the anguish of making me wonder the same questions... all those people out there with their social life and I canít even tell what it feels like a hug that lasts more than 5 seconds.

The bathroom is cold, I hate that. My cat has a lot of scars lately, it seems like if he has been fighting or something, it feels weird when trying to cuddle and he has scars all over. Mhh..., nice taste of caffeine. Iíll just finish listening Khachaturianís concerto and will go to bed.

2004-11-06 12:43:31 ET

is she interested in someone else? if not, why not ask her for coffee or something? i feel ya on the social scene which i will not even go into about myself cause it's worse than yours, at least you have colleages to distract you. i can't even find anyone i'm interested in and am stuck harrassing my ex who abuses me out the ass emotionally(he's on here so i won't say anymore and hope he doesn't read this)humm, i don't like to hear about your cat having scars, maybe keep him inside for awhile? keep up with the rabies shots too.

2004-11-08 19:18:01 ET

I can't tell for sure if she's interested in this other guy, but it does seems to put more attention to him (a bitchass motherfucker who has been copying my life in some aspects); I'm too shy to invite someone like that, really, too ashamed of talking too women for this stuff. I do have suggested her to invite her to go play billiard... she had mentioned that she used to go to a place called Mr. Pool, and I had mentioned that I went with some dudes to a bar with pool tables, and I was telling her how billiard was one of Mozart's favorite hobbies... mmh, so I told her that it'd be nice to play with her one day; she said that it was ok... so I dunno... I'll try to invite her this friday... I always get too nervous and dumb about these things...

My cat, Stalfos, seems to be better now.

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