where's the sake...
2004-12-03 21:52:16 ET

So, in the shit name of crap, I did have an exam today, and yes, me cargo la chingada, Iím fucked up. I just... uhm, shit, fuck, itís my fault, I shouldnít have chosen that stupid cockoff piece of shit called Ďprofessorí in the first place... ahh, bitchass sake, it just got me pissed of in the morning because of that fuckoff issue, I damn knew it, blah, whatever, if I do flunk I aware of it know, Iíll retake it next semester, thereís nothing more to think about it than just accept it.
At least I guess Iím doing a bit better playing billiard now; I really suck at it, but Iím starting to play better now; itíd be nice to take it as another vice-hobby... heh, Mozartís hobby.

What else to say? Well, one day I spent 2 hours and 17 minutes listening Mozartís symphonies 25, 35, 36, 39, 40 and 41. Another day spent one hour of Bach. Weird, I guess no one will understand how sometimes Iím in the mood for that and others Iím listening metal. For which the recent albums Iíve downloaded are from Dark Lunacy Ė Devoid, and from My Dying Bride Ė Dreadful Hours. Both really, really good, specially the second one, such a dramatic dense atmosphere. Also trying something of Switchblade Symphony Ė Serpentine Gallery, I found interesting some tracks.

Ah well, like always, itís midnight, and I need to sleep, damn it. I wish I could sleep and sleep without having remorse at waking up for doing something else... I want to rest in peace.

2004-12-04 11:12:41 ET

I understand how you can be in the mood for Mozart and Bach one day, and metal the next. That's exactly how I am too! :)

You don't really want to rest in peace, even though you say you do!


2004-12-04 20:42:37 ET

Heh, maybe just rest peacefully.

2004-12-04 20:43:44 ET

that's better.


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