2004-12-11 20:58:37 ET

Today my cat died. I can’t believe how much I do miss him; he was so cute. His name was Stalfos. I don’t know how to feel, I think it was the very first time I actually was liking having a pet. I miss his meows and watching slacking in he sofa, he already had his spot to sleep. Damn, just for some moments I started feeling like a little kid who asks his parents ‘why do people die’. All I can say is that I miss my cat. I'll hear some music in his memory.

In other sides: I’m sick. I think I think I caught a cold or something; again my nose is constantly constipated and it fucking sucks as hell not breathing well. Damn sinus. Even my head aches sometimes. Whatever, damn human body. I also need to stop procrastinating, I said I was going to start drawing again, so I must do something tomorrow.

2004-12-12 04:28:06 ET

I'm sorry about your cat and wish you a speedy recovery from you cold, it doesn't help to be sick when you grieve for someone.

2004-12-13 09:05:19 ET

i am sorry about your cat. how did he die? i hope you feel better. and you better be drawing now mister!

2004-12-14 20:55:30 ET

He died bleeding... I don't know if he got in some fight or what, he was bleeding, my brother said he'd take care of it, ...he just didn't survive.

I finally started drawing something; I just finished but the damn scanner isn't working well.

2004-12-15 09:20:16 ET

thats ok as long as youre drawing again, it can be very theraputec and relaxing.

2004-12-15 20:41:55 ET

At some point, in deed, I focus on only giving the necesary strength to my fingers to give the proper direction of every single line I'm drawing and barely think of anything else; but, ironicaly, also, when I already definied some figures, and I'm just on the shading, my hand starts doing it almost automatically, and I keep thinking in many stuff, bad stuff.
I hope it has some therapy or relaxing thing on it, because I've been going nuts lately.

2004-12-16 09:11:39 ET

but maybe you are channeling that energy into the drawing?

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