2004-12-17 21:51:22 ET

Today I did another try for the scanner to work, and to my surprise, it did work fine, but I didnít get to scan the drawing I made a couple days ago, because I was to do something else, but Iíll surely scan it and show it here. Talking about drawing, BloodyKisses asked me to do a drawing for her, and Iíll do it with pleasure since sheís from the few first ones that talked to me when I first joined subkultures.net; she requested me to draw a wolf and Iíll immediately start tomorrow.

Today I went to see the concert of the Camerata. It had been long since I didnít go see them. Beautiful. Today they played purely Bach. Nothing but Bach. What else could have been more satisfactory to a huge Bach fan? As I have said before, Iím a huge admire of Bachís music, and to our delightful they played:
Concerto for Violin & Oboe in Dm BWV 1060r
Orchestral Suite No. 2 for Flute in Bm BWV 1067
Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 in D BWV 1050
Even though I love these concertos a lot, the Brandenburg one is the one I was dying to hear live. Iíve heard it a lot of times from the mp3 and cds, but I always wanted to see the live performance of it, and it was breathtaking! Really, what an incredible concert! That was just plain beautiful! It rocked the hell out of the whole theater. I was totally thrilled when the orchestra and the two soloist (flute and violin) keep in silence and then the harpsichord takes the majestic role of its solo, showing the best of Bachís virtuosity polyphony with this cadenza starting with a brilliant and fresh subjects accomplishing a educated harmony, and passing through mysterious arpeggios, followed by an impressive attack of furious notes with an encouraging speed that raises up your adrenaline, to then finalize with the tutti of the orchestra. No doubt of one of Bachís whims to expose his genius. Itís been more than 300 years and nowdays composers still kneel down to him. He is the true master of polyphony.

2004-12-18 07:48:15 ET

glad on the scanner situation. that concert sounds amazing. i love Bach!

2004-12-18 21:23:41 ET

Yeh, just some while after I scanned the drawing it started scanning agin now in red tones. I just got lucky to scane 3 things in normal color and the scanner went crazy again.

You really must listen the first movement of Brandenburg No. 5. Definitely an admirable piece for keyboard players. Love Bach!

2004-12-19 08:56:11 ET

played by whom?

2004-12-19 18:18:29 ET

I could tell which is the best recording of it since I've only heard it from the 'brilliant bach edition' set box, I guess any recording should give you a nice impresion of it.
You can hear midis (1,2) from it, but definitely you must listen to one recording of it, or even better hear the performance, you'll surely get thrilled out with the solo part of the harpsichord.

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