Drawing again.
2004-12-19 22:54:39 ET

Well, as I said, I知 going to start drawing again and a few days ago I decided that I知 going to draw the main characters of the Worst Witch series and the first one was Mildred. I picked an easy portrait to starts because I致e been to much time without exercising the drawing, so it was quite a very simple drawing, even though it didn稚 really come up as I expected, I can see I still have difficulty on focusing the proper dimensions of the figure I知 to draw; that is, I find easier doing the shading than the actual figures drawing. Of course that the shades make it look more realistic, but still, I知 not content (I never am) with the result. Anyways, the drawing is in the galleries. What I did should have looked like this. The drawing in deed may look a bit like a person but still lacks of looking truly like her, thus I'm not satisfied... I値l have to keep practicing.

My next drawing won稚 be another of those characters, but it値l be a wolf by request of a friend (as I said on the previous post), even though I知 not very familiarized with drawing animals, I値l do my best.

2004-12-20 06:58:32 ET

aawwww, your drawings are stunning. *sigh*
Wish I could draw like that :)

2004-12-21 19:27:06 ET

animals!animals! rule to draw! i love to draw them the best.

2004-12-21 23:51:14 ET

I've tried several times to draw a wolf but I can' seem to get it look right. All attempts I do end up lookin more like a dog, dog/wolf-like, but I don't feel like they seem really like wolves.
This first on I tried, but like I said, I looks more like a dog than a wolf. attempt 1.
The made onether but I considered that the face was looking too stretched,or maybe... I don't know, I'm not sure, someone tell me. attempt 2.
Then I finally started thinking I was doing one fine, but at the final moment, when shading, I noticed that in deed I made its eyes too small, maybe too small... so I started disliking it... but, oh, I don't know. attempt 3.
So, tired that I couldn't get the right face, I'm now more willing to just draw the whole wolf in complete body, so the face will be small and won't have much details. So far I was thinking this one should be the one I must go on with, but... well, someone tell me if I'm doing right or go back to the face ones. attempt 4.
oh, what to do, what to do.

2004-12-22 08:47:56 ET

ohhhhhhhhh theyre all so great! i dont know what youre talking about? yeah i think wolves faces are more narrow with a slightly longer snout arent they? kinda scraggly like they havent eaten, are hungry and foraging for food. a domestic dog looks well fed and healthy. but i like them all, not sure which you should go on? i like the detailed face but the body looks good too.

2004-12-22 20:35:06 ET

mh... so any idea of which one should I continue on?

2004-12-23 10:07:54 ET

3 or 4? both the body and face detailed! you are really good at drawing.

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