2004-12-27 23:55:28 ET

Nothing new actually. I spent the so called Christmas alone.
Uhm, damn, I was just thinking what I was going to write about a while ago, but I forgot it.
I need someone to walk over me back.
It's 4:00 am. ...again.
Iíve been eating only twice per day, yesterday I only ate once. Today I did eat twice. Wow, thatís so relevant.
Why do I even bother?
I had a dream of a girl saying her some relatives died so she hugged me. She hugged me, so it really was a dream.
So, Iíve been continuing the drawing of a wolf. I downloaded Carmina Burana again.
With almost all people of the orchestra I always behave like Iím just plain content with them or something, sometimes it even hurts laughing or smiling to them so they donít think Iím ok. Perhaps this Ďjournalí is the only place where I really write how I feel.
Whatever. Someone please walk over my back.

2004-12-28 06:12:50 ET

I worry im going to hurt sombodies insides if i walk on them, but i'll do it if you come get me :)

2004-12-28 18:13:31 ET

heh, really, it would help if someone walked over my back, preferable a girl with high heels.

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