Sick the first day of the year.
2005-01-01 21:29:41 ET

My parents got back, this time I did went with some relatives for the new yearís dinner, only because my mother asked me to go, I really didnít enjoyed much. Iím still not very comfortable spending time with family and relatives.

What I way to receive the first day of the year: I started feeling really bad today. I woke up at 9:00am went to bed again at 9:30am, woke up again at 1:00 pm and had a stomachache, like if either hadnít eaten in days or like if had eaten a lot, it was strange, yet I felt more of a hole to fill, so I ate something but still didnít feel so well, so I went to bed at 3:00pm; I woke up at 5:00pm and no I was having a terrible headache, I thought a first it was just some bad dizziness of waking up, I watched some tv, but my stomach and head were still aching, I was feeling worse, like having high temperature or something, I couldnít take it anymore so I went to the closest store to buy some aspirins because the ones we had in the house had expired (over a year!). I toke the new aspirins and went to bed again at 8:30pm, then I woke up at 11:30pm, I started feeling a lot better now, I watched some tv, still not very comfortable though, Iím still feeling some tired and with a bit of headache, but definitely Iím quite better than hours ago, I felt like dying right in my bed, I couldnít or wanted to move. Well, may this show how the 2005 is going to be? Ugh, damn, being sick the first day of the year, only to me could have happened.

2005-01-02 07:39:53 ET

ahh. feeling so much better now. ...thumbs up for aspirins.

2005-01-02 11:02:02 ET

Happy New Year!

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