Drawing update.
2005-01-11 22:34:00 ET

So finally I dedicated an hour of drawing while listening some Mozart, continuing the wolf drawing I had started some time ago. Here's a preview of how it' going:
I guess it'll take me longer than I espected.

2005-01-11 22:52:02 ET

Looks good.

What happened to the picture you were going to draw of me?

2005-01-12 09:32:37 ET

Oh, that's right, well, I did started doing something, but I don't know where I left it. I'll draw you, I promise.

2005-01-12 10:47:27 ET

ohhh. that's so good! look at the detail in the grass. very nice malk!

2005-01-12 13:22:57 ET

i like it.

2005-01-12 14:27:33 ET


2005-01-13 07:11:31 ET


2005-01-17 06:13:18 ET

:D very nice

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