2005-01-17 20:34:33 ET

Yesterday when I was about to take a bath I was waiting for the water to heat up but it was still cold, I was getting desperate that it was taking too long and was still cold, so I just decided to close the valve when I realized that by mistake I had opened the cold water valve instead of the hot one... oh man, that was SO embarrassing! Signs that I was just really distracted thinking of other stuff. What a dumbass.

Today I spent almost 2 hours organizing a lot of papers and sheet music I have in my room, it used to be a mess, now itís a bit more achieved, I need a few carpets though. Then I kept on drawing of the wolf while listening Carmina Burana. The drawing is almost done; I think itíll take me about 2 or 3 sessions more (one hour of drawing a day). As for music, Iíve studying the fourth movement of the first violin solo sonata of Bach, bwv 1001, of course that I canít play it that fast, this midi sample seems to be of an eighth note of 250 metronome being the entire piece in sixteenth notes, and the fastest I can play it (well-played) is in an eighth note of 180 or 190 metronome, which perhaps isnít really too slow but not as fast as professional concertmaster violinists would play it. Anyway Iíll keep studying it for it does warm up a lot my left hand.

2005-01-17 22:03:32 ET

wow. that was awesome. that was VERY fast!!!!yeah you'll probably get faster.

2005-01-18 03:38:04 ET

heh I have done that water thing before

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