2005-01-20 19:33:04 ET

Yesterday I cut myself when shaving, I guess I was really distracted thinking in a lot of things that I didnít noticed until some moments after that I felt some blood, but nothing serious.

Well, I finally finished the drawing of the wolf I had been doing, itís in the gallery in case some one to take a look at it. I know Iím not very familiar with drawing landscapes and animals, and Iím not sure that I accomplished the right tones for shading, but at least it was nice doing some drawing since I had almost a year without drawing. Iím not exactly sure what to think of this drawing of the wolf, I just know I needed a lot of patience, I hope someone likes it.

2005-01-20 19:37:52 ET

Wow, very nice!

I think it looks pretty good.

2005-01-20 19:42:21 ET

Thank you!

2005-01-20 19:47:31 ET

:) You're very welcome

2005-01-20 20:27:44 ET

for someone who doesn't draw animals nor landscape well you sure seem to be a liar.

2005-01-20 20:41:31 ET

I appreciate your words, heh, I'm not that lucky with painting though. I once tried with oils but I didn't have enough succes, that's why I often look at your page to see your works.

2005-01-20 21:25:25 ET

hey, I hate oil.
it takes so goddamn long, I'd lose interest in a painting before the first layer dries.

2005-01-21 01:04:09 ET

he's kinda smiling. very nice!

2005-01-21 03:38:14 ET

It's beautiful :)

2005-01-23 12:49:28 ET

i like it. you gave him a good stance.

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