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2005-01-26 19:19:21 ET

It had been long since I didnít update here, itís just that I wasnít having enough time or just didnít feel well to write anything.

Classes finally started on Monday. Iím kind of worry about the subject that Iím coursing again I must not flunk it again, I ought to make it this time; yet, Iím kind of worry because this teacher seems to be a lot more demanding than the other one. Sighs, Iíll have to put more attention this time. Other than that itís sort of nice seeing classmates again.

I donít know what else to say by the moment, every time I remember something when get back to the computer I forget what was about it. Hopefully I may have another interesting dream so I can write about it.

2005-01-26 20:53:20 ET

"Hopefully I may have another interesting dream so I can write about it." ha! no doubt, your dreams are pretty exciting yet i wouldnt want you to have any nightmares.

2005-02-01 19:55:57 ET

Heh, I haven't had any interesting dreams lately, and the last 'nightmare' I had was amlmost a decade ago in which I happened to sleep for many years and when I woke up everybody was grown but me, and many have died, and at the end I was about to suicide or somthing. Other tahn that, nightmares... I don't recall many as such, maybe just 'interesting' or weird dreams.

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