2005-02-21 20:01:46 ET

Itís been long since didnít show up here. Itís just that sometimes Iím too busy, others Iím not in the mood or too tired, apathy mostly, maybe depressed too, whatever the pessimist mood it may be.
  • I donít feel like Iím doing very well at school, itís my fault I know; maybe Iím not made to completely be an engineer. While there are some subject I do enjoy and like learning more about its math equations, there are some other that I donít understand quite well, and also some teacher, yes, I admit on saying that every time bad teachers like them give horrible classes I fucking wish they died in front of me, bah, I know youíre not supposed to wish someoneís death, but heh Iím a fuck up, Iíve wished deaths and so much anger since long ago so I donít care.
  • It does amazes me that just two days ago I was told that another cousin is going to be a dad; he got pregnant his girlfriend. Damn heís just 18 years old. About 2 or 3 years ago another cousin also did the same and had to marry at his 18 years old. Now this other cousin, also at the same age, we donít know yet if heís getting marry or what. It amazes me, how just about 2 years ago I still used to go to his house to play videogames, and now heís going to be a father; how quick they grow up.

    Damn shaving razors, itís easier to get cut when you donít want to. Hah.

  • 2005-02-22 08:54:36 ET

    It's nice to hear from you again. :)

    2005-02-24 19:41:30 ET

    oh, heh, thanks, I'll try to keep writing more often; it's just that I've been quite busy lately.

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