think of something else
2005-03-01 19:27:49 ET

It seems as if I only intended to write here once a week, but itís mainly because Iím busy doing a lot of works and homework for school. I thought this semester wasnít going to be that heavy... well wrong; Labs in all subjects, thus a lot of lab practices and reports, damn reports.
Today I had an exam in which I think I did well, but I'm, always prepared for disgraces, yet I think I did well on this one. By the other hand, tomorrow is another exam of another subject which I should be studying right now, but I'm either feeling misarable and procrastinating while listening music, or I'm already resigning (by one reason we call this profesor the "knife"). ah.. fuck it.
Other than that, sometimes it is me who just donít know what to write about. I guess Iím a man of few words. Really, I just never know what to talk about.
Why is it that the best ideas come to me when Iím in the shower? Damn it.

2005-03-03 11:15:32 ET

I know how that post exam feeling is, it's horrible. I'm sure you did fine.

I never know what to talk about either.

2005-03-03 19:14:03 ET

A guy rumored me that I was the only one that passed the "knife's" exam, but I'm not so sure about it, he's always joking on something so I don't know if it's true, I just hope I don't have really bad results, we'll see tomorrow.
Yeh, I'm terrible for handling a good conversation, I'm always quiet, or saying boring silly things. I guess I'll never quit being terrible shy, fuck.

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