2005-03-24 22:34:08 ET

Well, Iíve been quite slacker lately. No rehearsals until Monday, but Iíll keep practicing home, there are some really difficult parts I need to work on.
Iíve also been reading more on harmony and counterpoint. Just for my amusement. I might learn to compose something more seriously.
Tomorrow starts the trilogy of The Godfather on A&E. I must not miss it.
I promised my self Iíd start to draw again. I just wish to know when... enough of procrastinating! I must start doing something tomorrow.

2005-03-27 18:45:40 ET

Difficult parts are what makes it all worthwhile. There's nothing like FINALLY mastering a difficult part!!

COMPOSE! I do that from time to time :)

Did you get to see The Godfather?

and I command you to draw and send them to me! ;)

2005-03-30 21:51:26 ET

In deed feels great when something finally gettng to play something hard.
Yeah, I've been composing some stuff, counterpoint exercises, created the midis, but don't know of somewher to upload so anyone can hear.
The Godfather rules! Ah, such an awesome trilogy. Perhaps the third one has a bad starting but ends very nice. Yet the 2 first movies... awe, just great!
Damn my procrastinating! Damn! Ok, I need to do something.

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