2005-04-01 18:42:23 ET

I have been having really weird thoughts lately, some strange stuff. Sometimes Iíve started to imagine that Iím talking to an imaginary friend, then, sometimes (for a few seconds) I feel like I if I really had talked some stuff with someone, but then I remember, Ďoh, no I was just imaging ití. Heh, I guess that for the fact that I can recognize I was just fantasying talking to someone Iím still sane.

Two nights ago, also, something strange happened, I had been listening too much music, writing music, thinking of random stuff, watching videos, etc, and finally when I turned of the computer I felt the need of knowing my age and I couldnít remember it! Ha, seriously, for just about 5 seconds I wasnít sure of my age! So I just recalled the year I was born and finally remembered. Heh, what a fuck?

2005-04-01 19:07:07 ET

In response to the first bit: I do it to.

In response to the second bit: I don't think I've had that happen, but it isn't THAT odd...


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