2005-04-04 21:52:06 ET

I tried to go to sleep at 11:40 pm. ...bad idea. I was about one hour in bed without any sleep. Itís so frustrating; you start thinking of the weirdest shit, the usual, of how Iím such an ass and loser.
Tomorrow classes start again. I have this sense of guilt, I said I was going to at least read something of the books so I wouldnít lose much of the subjects seen, and I didnít. Crap, itís just that sometimes I find more entertaining composing canons, fugues and other counterpointal exercises for my own musical amusing. Unless it was strictly mathematical issues of school, then Iíd be delight of reading and solving shit. I guess I still donít find all the fun on transistors and diodes and shit; I will eventually have to like it more.
Oh yeah, so Iíve been too much time trapped in home, Iím such a social fuck. Weíll see how thing go tomorrow... or I mean today, in a few hours more.

2005-04-05 06:39:02 ET

I'm a social fuck as well ;)

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