email conspiracies?
2005-04-23 21:24:03 ET

Is it just me? or I have the theory that those bastards that send you junk email, as advertising and spam email and they say you “somehow” were subscribed to them, and then ask “if you want to be removed from their database click here” and the you type you email to be unsubscribed, and the only thing they really do is to subscribe you to more load of shit of spam an ads. Maybe I’m just being paranoid.

2005-04-23 21:34:44 ET

i've been trying to unsubscribe to shit for months.

2005-04-24 00:14:52 ET

It's true, you musn't ever try to unsubscribe from that shit, all you do then is to verify that your mailadress it active and you get ten times more.

2005-04-24 09:19:40 ET

That's exactly what they're doing!

2005-04-29 20:08:24 ET

yeah... those bastards!

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