writing music
2005-07-03 19:58:12 ET

I saw an announcement of a contest for composing a piece for symphonic orchestra, and thatís what Iíve been doing in the past two weeks, trying to compose something for that, I have until June 15th to deliver my work, so I have a few days left. Mine will sound quite baroque due to my influences and poor knowledge, but whatever.

The vice has started:
Stay up late, about 2 or 3 am got o bed, wake up at 9 am, be like zombie the whole day, sleep a while within the day, stay up late...

2005-07-04 14:11:00 ET

good luck with that!

i envy you... i would never be able to do that.

2005-07-13 20:18:03 ET

oh thank you!
heh, my passion for music made me look for and study more music theory and thus I decided to be an amateur-hobbie-composer.

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