The Banshees
2005-07-19 20:08:33 ET

I admit at first I showed a bit skeptical when hearing about the DaVinci Code, I though “oh well another best seller for literary snobs”, but then I saw a documental on National Geographic channel on TV about an interview with Dan Brown (author) and many other specialists, I found it interesting then decided to read the book. I totally changed my mind. I definitely loved that book. I know it has generated a lot of comments of all sorts, and maybe here there aren’t people who like it, I don’t care I loved it. The DaVinci Code is a good book.

On other stuff, I had been months, yes, months without listening any music of these “eras”, that is, I kept listening to pure classical music (Bach, Mozart, etc.), so I decided to listen something more modern. I got Siouxsie & the Banshees’ “Tinderbox”. It’s nice, I really enjoy it, ‘cities in dust’, ‘canons’, '92 degrees' and my favorites ‘Lullaby’ (the reason why I wanted to hear this album) and ‘Umbrella’ that has such a nice atmosphere, it sort of reminds me of music like Orgy and Deadsy; if anyone here knows what I’m talking about and know more music similar to that style please feel free to recommend me more music.

2005-07-19 20:10:01 ET

The DaVinci Code is EXCELLANT!

and so is "cities in dust"


You need the Sisters of Mercy!!!!

2005-07-19 20:21:34 ET

Sisters of Mercy, I have a very few songs, which album(s) should I hear first?

2005-07-19 20:24:48 ET

Floodland perhaps.

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